Island's EV Charger Sharing Community is Live with GoPlugable's Marketplace App Launch

Island's EV Charger Sharing Community is Live with GoPlugable's Marketplace App Launch

In an exciting development for electric vehicle (EV) owners across Ireland, GoPlugable has unveiled its unique app, marking the debut of the island's inaugural EV home charger-sharing service. This groundbreaking platform arrives as a beacon of innovation, particularly for those residing in rural areas where EV charging infrastructure is less prevalent. GoPlugable's rollout follows an enthusiastic reception during its beta phase, highlighting the pressing demand for more flexible EV charging solutions.

The brainchild of alumni from Queen's University Belfast and the Dundalk Institute of Technology, GoPlugable has garnered support from key local entities like Enterprise Ireland and Techstart NI. This initiative is poised to transform EV charging by making it more accessible and economical, especially in rural regions that have historically been underserved in terms of infrastructure.

The app has quickly captured the interest of the community, as evidenced by the significant number of downloads in its beta stage. This response is a clear indicator of the community's eagerness to adopt eco-friendly transportation methods and the collective push for innovation in EV charging solutions.


GoPlugable mission aligns perfectly with the Irish government's Climate Action Plan for 2030, aiming to establish a vast network of private EV charging stations across Ireland. This network is set to bolster sustainability and connectivity, particularly in rural areas, thereby contributing significantly to the nation's climate goals. "We're excited to lead this green revolution across Ireland," remarked Maebh Reynolds, CEO and co-founder of GoPlugable. "Our service not only caters to the immediate needs of EV drivers but is also a step forward in our journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future."

Matthew Sealy, Chair of the Irish Electric Vehicle Association, shared his enthusiasm: "The launch of GoPlugable is something that will shape how we charge an EV in rural and urban situations alike. This will help address the challenge of insufficient charging options in less populated areas, will utilise the current and future charging infrastructure to a greater extent, while helping to foster a more inclusive and supportive EV community. This initiative is a shining example of how technological innovation can propel us towards achieving our national climate objectives by using resources intelligently."


As GoPlugable embarks on its next phase of growth, it seeks to attract investors to join its mission of expanding and enhancing Ireland's EV charging infrastructure. With an impressive €150,000 already raised through grants and competitions, the platform is poised for significant expansion, promising to make a considerable impact on the country's sustainable transportation landscape.


For those intrigued by GoPlugable's vision, whether you're an EV owner in search of reliable charging options or a homeowner interested in sharing your charger, the platform offers a unique opportunity to contribute to Ireland's green revolution.

Download the GoPlugable app today from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and become part of Ireland's sustainable transportation future.

With its innovative approach to bridging the gap in EV charging infrastructure, especially in rural areas, GoPlugable is not just facilitating easier access to charging options but is also driving Ireland closer to its 2030 climate action goals. Join us in this crucial movement towards a greener, more connected Ireland.


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