Fast/Rapid/High Power charger network in Ireland

DC pricing per kWh compared on these platforms (correct as of 20th June 2024)

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Galway’s fastest EV Charge Points

  • 7am to 4.59pm€0.51 (€0.53 Weekend)
  • 5pm to 6.59pm€0.51 (€0.53 Weekend)
  • 7pm to 10.59pm€0.49 (€0.51 Weekend)
  • 11pm to 6.59am€0.41
  • Overstay Fee€10 over 1 hour


This Irish privately-owned company is growing in their presence of public DC and AC charge points across the country. You can access their chargers through their ePower EV Carging app or Plugsurfing app.

  • High Power€0.69
A warm welcome to Weev


Weev is one of the newer CPOs on the market and they have been involved in the Faster project to boost the charging infrastructure on the border counties, but are expanding across the Ilse of Ireland. 

  • Overcharge Fee >45 minutes€0.50 per minute (max €22.50)
Weev Summer offers
ESB ecars


eCars provides around 1400 chargers around the country, invested-in by the governments’ Climate Action Fund. In order to utilise an eCars unit, you’ll need to have signed up on their site and use their app or RFID card. High Power chargers support tab and charge.

  • Fast€0.57 (€0.52)
  • High Power€0.59 (€0.54)
  • Overcharge Fee >45 minutes€0.50 per minute (max €22.50)

Other providers in Ireland

- Applegreen: €0.75

- EasyGo: €0.70

- ePower: €0.69

- Circle K: €0.69

- Instavolt: £0.81

- Ionity: €0.70 (€0.42 with passport)

- Tesla: Ranges from €0.55 to €0.62

- Lidl: €0.50


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