Embrace the Future of EV Charging with GoPlugable: A Special Offer for IEVA Members

Embrace the Future of EV Charging with GoPlugable: A Special Offer for IEVA Members

At the Irish EV Association (IEVA) we're constantly seeking innovative ways to support our members in the transition to sustainable transportation. In collaboration with GoPlugable, Ireland’s own EV charger-sharing platform, we're excited to present a limited-time offer exclusively for IEVA members. This initiative is designed to tackle one of the major hurdles in EV adoption—access to charging points.

Limited-Time Offer for IEVA Members

For a limited period, IEVA members who sign up as hosts or chargees on GoPlugable will receive a unique €10 welcome credit. This offer is tailored to empower you to be at the forefront of creating a shared EV charging ecosystem across the Island of Ireland.

How It Works:

  • For Hosts: Share your charger and driveway, and make passive income while supporting the EV community.
  • For Chargees: Find conveniently located chargers that can be pre-booked, ensuring your EV is always ready to go.

Upon signing up, the unique code will be delivered directly to your inbox, unlocking the welcome credit for your next charging transaction on GoPlugable. This springtime offer is a token of appreciation for our members' pioneering spirit in embracing electric vehicles.

Why GoPlugable?

GoPlugable stands out as the only platform in Ireland offering a pre-bookable EV charging solution, potentially in your neighborhood. This service not only facilitates seamless EV charging but also fosters a sense of community among EV users and hosts alike.

Join us in this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future. Sign up here to take advantage of this exclusive offer and be part of a pioneering group setting the pace for EV adoption in Ireland.

Let’s Show It Can Work

Together, we can drive change and make a difference. Let's support GoPlugable and prove that EV charger sharing is not just possible but thriving in Ireland.

This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving forward the adoption of electric vehicles. As IEVA members, you have the chance to make a significant impact. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to contribute to a greener Ireland.

Sign-up here : https://goplugable.com/ieva-members-sign-up-offer 


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