Your 2022 term committee

Your 2022 term committee

As per our AGM, held Saturday 9th of April 2022, we have a new committee makeup to announce! As is typical, this is made up of some musical chairs on the committee with existing members, as well as the introduction of new members.

For those unaware, we elect a committee of 11 members at each AGM. 4 of our members are official directors of our non-profit as a CLG, and 7 of the members have a portfolio of some sort. 1 committee space can be occupied by a ceremonial president role, but as-yet, we have not utilised that role to date.

Before introducing the new committee, we wish to acknowledge the incredible foundational work put forth by some of our outgoing members:

  • Simon Acton, who has been Chair for the last number of years and really brought in a new ethos and a slew of new committee members as the association grew up from car club to true advocate for EVs in Ireland.
  • Michael Sherlock, who has been a member since the foundation of the association. Over the last number of years he has served as our treasurer, but has decided to move on as we became a CLG and have increased our revenues recently. Michael read out a brilliant statement to wish our incoming crew well at the AGM.
  • Guillaume Seguin, who has been a cornerstone of the association, and the association for many years. Last year, he stepped aside from functional roles within the committee as he moved back to his native France. And from 2022 onwards, his presence will be missed.
  • Bart Connolly, who has been a member for many years, and most recently has been involved in much of our lobbying efforts, will step aside from the committee, but stay on-board and accessible as a member of our lobbying sub-committee.

We want to thank each of these gents for their service in the past, and wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

And on to the current crop. Our new committee for this 2022 term looks like:

Role Name
Chair Kevin Dowling
Vice Chair Roland Krijnen
Secretary Thomas McGuire
Treasurer Eamon Stack
PR Officer Peter Bracken
Events Co-ordinator Derek Reilly
IT Officer Paul Kelly
Without portfolio Matthew Sealy
Without portfolio Annette Lynch Conway
Without portfolio Blake Boland
Without portfolio Inge Davidsen

As part of the run-up to election, Kevin felt it necessary to set out his stall by providing a vision document for the role of Chair. This sets out the term’s goals in broad terms, both in terms of actual aims as well as culturally, as we enter the next phase of EV adoption in Ireland.

Congratulations to everyone on the committee, particularly those newly elected. This will certainly be an exciting time!

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