Upgrade your EV Experience with a Smart Charger

Upgrade your EV Experience with a Smart Charger

EV adoption in Ireland saw significant advances in 2023 compared to 2022, surpassing sales of petrol/diesel cars. According to Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland (SEAI), in 2022, one out of every five new passenger vehicles sold was electric (all-electric and plug-in hybrid) with more than 70,000 electric vehicles on Irish roads, while in the first quarter of 2023, the percentage was close to one out of every four new cars.


In line with EV industry growth, EV charging solutions are also being upgraded to provide a seamless and reliable experience for EV drivers. EV owners are increasingly attentive in purchasing EV charging solutions, which can be divided into different performance levels, 3 Pin Charger (Mode 2) and Smart Charger (Mode 3).


3 Pin Chargers (Mode 2) normally come standard with the purchase of a new EV. They can be used in the home with standard 230V outlets, requiring no installation. They have an average power output of 2.3 kW and generally provide a range of 10 to 15 km per hour from a standard 13amp socket. Using one of these trickle chargers with the car set for an 8-hour daily overnight charge means a daily charge of about 100 km range.


Smart Chargers (Mode 3) have an energy outlet between 7.4kW to 22kW, up to 10 times that of a 3 Pin Charger. With a smart charger one hour of charging can provide a driving range between 40 km (7.4kW) and 120km (22kW), meaning you can fully charge a vehicle overnight.  The status of the charger can also be controlled anywhere, anytime via app.


Wallbox, a leading provider of EV charging and energy management solutions, offers upgraded Smart Chargers (Mode 3) solutions, such as Pulsar Plus, one of Wallbox's best-selling EV chargers for home use, delivering more power and reliability than a 3 Pin Charger. 


Pulsar Plus offers users a compact, minimalist yet powerful EV charger with a charging capacity of 22kW, suitable for every kind of EV and hybrid. The charging solution is certified water and dust resistant with protection class IP54 and IK08, making it safe to install both indoors and outdoors. 


Pulsar Plus comes standard with Wallbox’s proprietary energy management solutions, including Power Boost, and Eco-Smart to offer users increased control and flexibility over their charging. 


Pulsar Plus works with various energy management systems developed by Wallbox to realise the most sustainable and efficient energy consumption. With the myWallbox app, which is included as standard with the purchase of the charger, it is possible to schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours, which, in addition to a lower environmental impact, also entails cost savings. Eco-Smart technology can be used at the charger, where energy generated at home can be used to charge the EV; for 100% in full-green mode, or by using only surplus solar energy for eco-mode.

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