Save the date: IEVA's 2024 AGM is on Sunday the 21st of April

Save the date: IEVA's 2024 AGM is on Sunday the 21st of April

The Irish EV Association will hold our 2024 annual general meeting (AGM) on Sunday the 21st of April. This years event will be held at Portlaoise Plaza. This meeting will review the previous year, and to give an overview of where the committee are steering things for the coming year (get it, steering 😉), as well as to hold any votes on motions posed by members as well as the committee election.


Membership and voting

As per all prior years, only fully paid members are allowed to vote in the AGM, so make sure you are fully paid up prior to the AGM. The annual membership fee is set at €20, and you can check you status via Stripe here. If you think you have paid via Stripe in the past and cannot see it on the Stripe system, then reach out to us to check.

Finally, details on voting will be sent to all paid members the day before, or at the very latest, on the morning of the AGM. If you are currently not a member and would like to be one, register and have your chance to vote by filling out the form here: Become a member!


Candidacy and Motions

Candidacy is now closed!

For any motions that members would like to propose, they can email their thoughts to


The day of events running

We are going to run things slightly differently this year as well. We have a few die hard attendees that always make it to our AGM in person, who are obviously more than welcome as always! But we wanted to give the day a bit more pizzazz, and for people to meet the new elected committee by hosting an EV meet up, on the same day post the AGM. Our intention and thought is that the majority of people attend online, and why not get some time to meet fellow EV members and non-members alike and celebrate the new committee year! You can keep an eye on Events page for details on both, but for now the flow of the day will be as follows:

11:00 - 12:00  AGM running in-person and streamed online. Invites for in-person attendance available to paid members only.

13:00 - 15:00  EV Meet-up at Portlaoise Plaza, open to all!

For those who would like to attend in person, and to make sure we can accommodate all, can you please fill in the form as below. Or if you plan to attend the AGM online, you can also select this as below, just to let us know.




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