IEVA welcome Myenergi as our latest Corporate Sponsor

IEVA welcome Myenergi as our latest Corporate Sponsor

It's been less than a month since our AGM, but we are working away in the background trying to get things done! And with that, we are delighted to welcome Myenergi Ireland as our latest Corporate sponsor. Many individuals have already bought one of their units, so the name shouldn't be a surprise to people. But their work on training and bringing more to the market is why we are excited to have them onboard. We can't talk about it all now, but that it is coming, and we are excited to see the advancements that are to come in the EV charging market.


And or those who are unaware of who Myenergi are (not sure how likely that is!), here's a bit of info for you, in their own words!

Founded in 2020, in 4 short years myenergi Ireland has grown to be at the forefront of Irish renewable eco smart technology, with the introduction of:

zappi – allowing car charging using the grid, wind or solar;

eddi – diverting self-generated power back to the home;

libbi – the modular battery storage system that adapts to the customer’s needs.


Our most recent revelation has been the introduction of the zappi OCPP firmware update, enabling pay-per-charge functionality to business owners and landlords. We are consistently creating new technology to make the world greener.

Our mission is to change Ireland through green technology - providing energy independence; driving a sustainable future and saving our customers money on their energy bills.

We are passionate about green energy and pride ourselves in enabling more people and businesses in Ireland to reach their sustainability goals via our products.

Together we can create a kinder, more sustainable future.

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